Small Business Law

Business happens.  Our economy is driven by small business and entrepreneurs. As a fellow small business, we understand the inherent risk in starting or maintaining a business.  Business law governs and regulates how small and large businesses conduct their trade and services, handle their employees, and administer finances.  When you are looking to start a business, one of the most important decisions to make, after whether to do it or not, is what type of entity you should have.   Some entities expose the business owner to liabilities while other entity choices limit personal liability.  In addition, there are always major tax implications when you embark on business for yourself. 


If you are already in business, the biggest challenge is staying in business, staying afloat and staying profitable.   There are also the concerns of making sure your family and assets are protected since you made it this far.  Our firm is dedicated to providing competent legal advice to our small business clients and to work as a “partnership for success.”  Providing proactive solutions to many of the issues that face small business owners make for an equally rewarding relationship with our firm.  Determining the requisite levels of insurance for adequate protection, or whether you have all the necessary assets for financing in order, or whether you just need an objective third party focused solely on the interest of the company, we are here to assist.  Whether you are in need of reviewing legal documents or working on negotiating a deal to take your business to the next level, our firm is committed to your success. 


As a small business, one of your biggest concerns is cost.  We know this.

At our firm we are committed to bringing value added services that pay for themselves.  We know you need a responsive team to deal with issues in “real time” because the market is moving faster than ever.  As your advocate, we know your unique situation because we are small business owners too.  When you need an advocate who can assist you and your business for success and for a firm that can provide creative solutions for your small business concerns, call us. 


Issues and topics related to our Small Business Law practice include:


·         Business Structure

·         Liability Issues  

·         Contract Drafting

·         Contract Negotiation

·         Corporate Compliance

·         Compliance with Local, State and Federal Regulations

·         Getting Out of Business – Winding Down

·         Business Litigation

·         Collections

·         Planning & Assessment for the Business

·         Asset Protection

·         Family Law Related Issues

·         Estate Planning

·         Taxes

·         Human Resources


We look forward to working with you.  

LORCR - Small Business Check-Up Checklist
The attachment reflects a checklist of partial issues for the Small Business owners.
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Construction Law

Our firm is committed to making sure that small businesses that work in the construction area, in the metropolitan area, have counsel to assist with the specific area of construction law.  Construction Law involves the unique application of many different general bodies of law to the specific issues and problems that arise in connection with the construction process and its many different business relationships.  There are many different laws that specfically govern the construction process. There are many laws and principles that apply to the different types of businesses and professions that are part of and serve the construction industry.


As such, our firm is prepared to assist in the following areas:


  • dispute resolution including negotiation and settlement, mediation, arbitration and trial
  • a majority of common place issues that arise in construction disputes, including but not limited to, building defects and claims for change orders and extra work
  • assistance with statutory requirements of licensing and issues related to payment and performance bonds
  • builder and sub contractor contracts or other agreements (including teaming agreements) that your company can use to protect and comply with construction laws and regulations
  • collections and mechanic's liens


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